交通配套:距离邢台高铁站约1KM,轨道交通便捷,北侧邢州大道,向西直达 邢台市区,向东直达任县、西侧 振兴一路以及泉北大街直达市区,公共交通: 途径公交线路较少, 均为抵达高铁站的公交车,有20 路,42路,104路,共计3条线 路通往市区、紧邻京港澳高速以及石安 高速,以及邢台高速路北口,交通便捷。 



Wan teng, xingtai city mission hills with new Chinese style style is given priority to, covers an area of 211 mu, plot volume rate is 2.2, the rate of 36%, about more than 2500 sets of residential houses, the civil building span between 40-160 meters, not only ensure the sufficient daylighting, and created a large scale for the owners of garden greening landscape provides a good leisure activity and a vast space of his neighbors, the maximum guarantee in the community every owner of daylighting, ventilated sex good, achieved a home in one scene, let you never leave home can enjoy the beauty of heaven and earth; The overall landscape layout of the garden is divided into "two lakes and four gardens" (mission hills, jade garden, harmony garden, happiness garden and royal garden).


The project adopts the design concept of people-vehicle diversion, which not only facilitates the entry of vehicles into the underground garage, but also ensures the safety of travel and reduces the impact of vehicles on the quality of the community. At the same time, give consideration to the accessibility, so that under special circumstances the vehicle can access to each building block, can do the car to the door. In addition, there is a set of relatively independent pedestrian road system. The sidewalk takes the extension of the central landscape belt as the basic direction and runs through each landscape center to form a perfect leisure system and entrances and exits. On the premise of ensuring the smooth passage of fire fighting facilities, it arranges the most beautiful scenery for your way home.


Educational facilities: kindergarten, primary school and middle school are all available. There is a primary school 5 minutes' drive to the south of the project. 100 meters to the east of the project is an elite middle school.


Business facilities: the community has a commercial street, large supermarkets, and leisure clubs; You can meet your daily needs without leaving your home.


Medical facilities: the east hospital of xingtai first hospital is only a two-minute walk away from our project;


Financial facilities: the new high-speed railway zone is defined as a financial industry and city center. Within 1 km of the project, there will be a number of Banks, which can meet your daily needs.


Surrounding scenic spots: only 800 meters away from the park of the new high-speed railway zone, only 8 minutes away from the ecological park of 10,000 mu in xingtai, and only 5 minutes away from xingzhou lake park.


Traffic matching: about 1 km, from xingtai high-speed rail transportation is convenient, north XingZhou avenue, west to xingtai city, east nonstop ren county, the west side of the revitalization and spring north street all the way downtown, public transport: less way bus lines, are arrived at high-speed bus, there are 20 road, 42 road, 104 road, a total of 3 line road city, Hong Kong and Macao expressway and Shi An expressway, adjacent to Beijing and xingtai professional high-speed, the transportation is convenient.





地    址:邢台市邢东新区振兴三路以西,振兴二路以东,河盛大街以北,邢州大道以南


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